outlier [n.]

someone who stands apart from others of her group, as by differing behavior, beliefs or practices

"A great designer is the perfect fusion of engineer and artist." – Gloria Black

 The Will and Skill to Serve a Better Way




Many clients of bespoke interior design in southwest Florida might not be aware, but the best possible results can often be compromised by the profession’s behind-the-scenes saboteurs:

High pressure. Overcommitment. Concern about profit contending with principles. Long hours that drain instead of energize. The most inspired ideas and solutions challenged by a focus on quantity over quality.

A veteran of residential interior design, Gloria knows the ins and the outs of the industry, where competing firms with costly overhead can often overpromise and underdeliver because they need great volumes of clients and projects – sometimes more than they can manage.

Creating genuine design, décor and art for clients requires letting their true selves be revealed through study, dialogue and interpersonal comfort. It demands giving them the attention and white glove service they deserve, as well as access to their designer’s full knowledge and talent. Equally important, it calls for timely, consistent production.

Recognizing these truths and yearning to see them applied, Gloria broke ranks with the status quo, surged against the grain and formed GLORIA BLACK DESIGN.

Now, for both clients and Gloria, luxury interior design and artwork in southwest Florida are defined by passion, meaning and authenticity. What emerges to shape and express spaces at home is the result of honest, thoughtful people who ‘click.’ They have the whimsy, desire and style to capture and convey thoughts, dreams, tastes and, yes, quirks too.

You will recognize Gloria’s zeal for colors (including neutrals), textures and patterns in all of her art, décor and designs. During the last few years, her work with her one-of-a-kind clients has ranged from the design of 14,000sf private beachfront residences to the conversion of historic restaurants into modern, industrial offices to the makeover of a yacht. This experience forms a rich reservoir of possibilities for the luxury Florida home.

In a hurried world where it’s easy to fall back on what’s common, you can still stand apart and have fun being you with a designer ready to guide you. 


Interior/Conceptual Design & Decoration: Recent Awards & Achievements

2018 CBIA Sand Dollar Award
Quail West Private Residence (Naples, Florida)

  • Interior Design of the Year - Single Family Detached Homes $2.7 - $3M

  • Product Design of the Year - Single Family Detached Homes $2.7 - $3M

  • Best Kitchen Design Over $250K

  • Best Use of Custom Wood Over $50K

2018 SEBC Silver Aurora Award – Best Custom Home 6,000 to 7,999sf
Talis Park Custom Residence (Naples, Florida)

2018 SEBC Silver Aurora Award – Best Custom Home over 8,000sf
Szczupak Residence (Naples, Florida)

2017 IL ASID Design Excellence Award – First Place, Retail Category
The Chopping Block (The Merchandise Mart, Chicago)